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TIL props in React.js

I have started learning React.js. I was mostly reading the articles on Medium from Kent C. Dodds and Tyler McGinnis, since they have the updated version of learning path available on the React.js in 2018

Regarding the props and setState methods. I mostly learnt about the following keywords.

So this is all I learned and coded today to practice. I wish to learn as fast as I can and tomorrow I’m going to go on with Net Ninja’s playlist though it is a bit old I love his style of teaching.

I’m mostly going to follow Stephen Grider’s course on Udemy as well.

Also I have given 46 interviews now here in India with Node.js/Express.js and Python Django on my resume with mostly backend developer thing, but it seems like no one wants to hire a fresher with these things or they pay as shitty low as possible, so I’m just putting my chin up and will keep on learning.

One of the famous quote I heard from my favourite movie director

***The world doesn’t owe you anything, you owe it to yourself*** — **Anurag Kashyap**

( may be some famous writer I don’t know I love Physics and Economics more then a novels though I like acting :p )

give your suggestion and must do things in my journey of learning React it will be really helpful.

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