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How the digital revolution in Real Estate will outlast the pandemic?

We all know that the way Real Estate deals were sealed off: You wait for your client. They show up despite the traffic filled commute & signals that are almost always red. To add it all, there’s the scorching tropical heat. Nevertheless, site visits happened and it was almost always a time consuming affair for the people buying properties as well as the people selling properties.

Now, because of COVID-19, we’ve said goodbye to our handshakes and embraced the digital revolution. If you don’t know what we’re talking about you’ve been living under a rock. Leadership prioritized employee health and safety over state-of-the-art fitness centers and in-office extras. Employers looked to mitigate risk and adapt to the moment. This unique time catalyzed the mounting trend of digital and technology-driven real estate into a full-blown revolution. Real Estate companies have switched over to Virtual Tours, embracing a digital reality, that not only enables Real Estate developers to sell properties but also to give their clients an authentic experience that’s as real as it can get to in person tours.

A survey conducted by a leading Real Estate firms shows that employees prefer work from home arrangements to commuting. This shows that the Digital Revolution is here to stay, well beyond the timelines of the pandemic. Over the past 120 days, PropVR has been instrumental in helping Indian companies in the Real Estate space transition to the digital space.

Here are some of the advantages of the Digital Real Estate experience:

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