Important Terms in Epik Protocol

EpiK Protocol being the world’s first decentralized storage protocol for AI data, has a lot of terms associated with it. A few important ones will be discussed in this article. The native token of…


Cursed Bananas

Joe stared at the malignant organisms upon his kitchen counter. Why had he been cursed thus. The green things perched atop the fruit basket. To call these diabolical aberrations bananas would be blasphemy. He had tried to return them to the grocer, who refused and angrily stated that the bananas were now Joe’s problem. Joe stared at the bananas. Why wouldn’t they ripen? Not a blemish or bruise upon that vibrant yellow skin. Joe stared and the bananas did nothing. They had consumed him; he could hardly work for the state of the bananas in his kitchen. So he sat in silence with his cursed bananas.

This is a real short piece created from a prompt a friend sent to me. I like this piece because it’s a reminder that one doesn’t need much to create, just a pen, some paper, and an idea.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to create something today.

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