Deflexchange is the first deflationary exchange

What is Deflex Echange? Deflex Exchange is a Crypto Exchange that has developed instruments to take advantage of the ownership of crypto resources, but they are far from being without their pitfalls…



The phenomenon of momentum. Once an object like a car is in motion, it’s very easy to keep it going. If it stops, a lot more energy is needed to get it going again. We don’t think of our mind as phsyical but it does seem to have momentum as well. Things you do very often are very easy to continue. Once you stop, it takes effort to pick them up again. Oddly enough, activities that are good for us seem to have more substance: they are harder to set in motion and come to a halt faster than those activities and habits that are bad for us.
We don’t have infinite energy, so once we set something in motion, that same energy cannot be used to keep something else in motion as well.

In design we say one “yes” is a million times “no” — all the alternatives are cancelled the moment you say yes to an option. So every decision to do one thing is also a decision not to do everything else in that moment. We might say “yes” to something that seems small, but because good habits weigh heavier and come to a halt much faster than bad habits, that small “yes” could cost us the momentum of something that’s much better for us than the little thing we said “yes” to. In a way, this is like having big dreams but spending all available money on little pleasures.

I think there are tiers of mental bodies that can gain momentum. Concentration is a big and heavy mental object, but once you have managed to set it in motion, it moves with a thousand other positive attitudes that are very laborious to bring about individually; Patience, remembrance, cleanliness, thoroughness, gratitude etc. etc.. so it might be easier to focus on one big object than on a thousand smaller ones.

If we think of moving something big across a space, of course we must clear the path before we begin pushing and pulling. So the momentum of our mental objects also depends on a good environment that supports the movement and the direction of our mind. Which brings us back to saying “yes” and “no” and which links the mental objects to the physical world.

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