Why Should It Be Done My Way?

Are you quick to assume someone should do something a certain way? Your way, that is! Do you judge others too quickly without realizing what you are doing? It happens to most of us more often than we…



Shot on Sony Alpha 6300

These cities are filled with madhouses,

Built with walls of smoke and fume.

They sit and discuss their miserable lives,

and horrible bosses in dingy corners and shady bars.

Shot on Sony Alpha 6300

Even pitchers of callousness don’t help enough,

all it does is numbs their insides every day.

These cold cities always walking on eggshells,

blaming the climate for their accumulated hopelessness.

Shot on Sony Alpha 6300

These cities that worship at temples of discrimination and hatred,

Stoking the holy fire which burns their hearts and souls.

These cities that visit brothels of greed and power,

tearing at the seams of their already shredded dignity.

These foolhardy cities that barely pause and breathe,

They just run into walls until they drop dead with disbelief.

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