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Top 5 News For Today — 23 Feb 2018


Venezuelan successful ICO pre-sale gave confidence to Moduro. All official services and gas stations will accept any cryptocurrency; US residents will get in trouble if caught investing in Petro or any other sanctioned countries’ ICOs; Second “Secret” pre-sale stage for Telegram’s ICO with an aim to raise $850mln; Crimean Peninsula may become crypto-Crimea; Another Californian state passed a bill to recognize blockchain records as official legitimate records.

BONUS Thread of The Day

First Taiwanese Crypto Robbery

1. Venezuela Government Services Will Accept Any Crypto

2. US Residents Will Face Legal Issues if They Invest in Petro

3. Telegram May Launch Second “Secret” Presale for Another $850mln

4. Russia to Set Up Crypto-Crimea

5. California Bill Aims to Recognize Blockchain Records

BONUS Thread of The Day

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