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Your Logo Is Not A Brand

When people say they need a logo, most of the time they don’t realize it’s more than just an image. What people really need when they say this is that they need a brand.

A brand is a representation of your business that has a personality, just like you and I do. Let’s say you have a handmade soap business. If you’re an eco-friendly company, you might want to show a natural appearance with green and brown colors. On the other hand, if you sold handmade soaps as birthday party giveaways, it’s better to go for a more colorful look. This is one of the decisions that need to be made when building your brand.

Some of the parts that make up a brand are:

Choosing the right color to associate with your brand is important, since your logo is the first thing your clients see. Going with a dark blue color may not be the right choice, if you’re trying to sell cupcakes for a child’s birthday party. Meanwhile, dark blue would work really well for a business that hires accountants that you can trust to handle your finances. You can read more about the different meanings of colors here.

Adding personal traits to your brand makes it easier for people to connect with it and understand what your business values most. A tapas restaurant might value friendship and family, so it has tables that accommodate 6–10 people. The company knows that their target audience comes in to share a meal with friends and family, so splitting the bill is a feature they offer. A great logo would incorporate the importance of bringing friends and family together in their logo.

The use of lines and shapes also have their role in branding. The pointy edges of squares and rectangles can give an edgy appearance for a clothing brand. Meanwhile circles or rounded edges may be used by a company that promotes better health.

When businesses understand that their logo is more than just an image, their businesses thrive. They know the value of what they do, and they invest in how they present their business.

Say you walk into a store looking to buy a pair of earphones. You see an unknown brand and a Sony brand. They both cost $50. Which would you choose? Probably the Sony ones, right? Why is that? Because they’ve built a brand you trust.

The same goes for your business. If you don’t put in the effort to properly tell your story, your customers will never know why you exist. You’ll be just another [yoga studio, coffee shop, etc.]. Give your clients a clear idea of who you are and what makes you unique.

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