Nepotism has now become a vogue; in a rudimentary sense, a part of this society. In brief, it means: “using power or influence to provide inequitable head to one’s family members”. Despite being a…


Are you being manipulated online?

With how freely everyone is able to explore the internet, there are people who are willing to take advantage of that for personal gain. One such way being the existence of “free” programs or applications. By doing so, it gives the user an opportunity to try something without paying. More likely than not, people are more inclined to try and maybe stay committed to something that is offered as free rather than something that’s isn’t. Or in some cases, these free programs or applications could lead curious individuals to want something better than a free app, which would give other companies business. In all, you are being manipulated by the marketing certain companies endorse.

For me, I’ve probably already spent tons of money on in game cosmetics. Although it doesn’t improve your in game performance, at some point in time you were probably persuaded to buy something since it was on sale. The company’s incentive is a gateway to you eventually being comfortable enough to spend more money, since there will most likely be more sales to come. This is the most effective way since doing it any other way will most likely deter potential consumers from spending money at all. One example of this would be pay to win games. If the user is being forced to spend money in order to progress or be better at the game, they most likely wouldn’t even bother with it. What keeps the user going is how much they enjoy the overall experience of the game, so by not having any restrictions for the individual to get better, other company’s are able to profit off of user fan base alone.

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