The scariest part about memory

Do you know what the scariest part about a memory is? It took me eighteen years of living, breathing, going through the motions, collecting experiences, hating you and hating me to come to this…


Introducing UNIM Token

Dear Community we are happy to announce tokenomics for the native assets of the Unimoon Exchange $UNIM

If you missed $UNI to the moon don’t miss the opportunity this time with $UNIM we go to the moon

UNIM Token will have a max supply of 30,000 tokens out of which 15,000 tokens ( 50% of total supply ) has been allocated for presale

Token Name:

Token Symbol: UNIM

Decimals of Precision: 18

Max Supply: 30,000 UNIM

Initial Circulating Supply: 15,000 UNIM

50% Presale = 15,000

23% Exchanges, Development, Staking, Marketing = 6,900

17.33% Uniswap Liquidity = 5,200 (will be locked 6 months)

5% Presale bonus, Comunity contest = 1,500

4.67% Teams = 1,400 (will be locked 6 months)

Time: October 08 — October 09

Price: 1 ETH = 26 UNIM

50% bonus for first 5 purchased at least 3 ETH *

Time: October 11— October 12

Price: 1 ETH = 20 UNIM

No bonus

Listing on uniswap will be shortly after presale

Starting price on Uniswap will be 1 ETH : 10 UNIM

Presale Details :

Medium :

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