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The former CEO of GDC, Jan Berkowitz, spends much of his free time scuba diving. Therefore, Jan Berkowitz continues to maintain his certification to remain a PADI diver. Adults can become certified…


Why I feel this is best time to buy your first property in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan is incentivizing to own a house — and you should not stay back specially if you don’t own a single property in Pakistan right.

If you are an expat, you should apply for Roshan Apna Ghar and in case of resident Pakistani, you should go for Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar scheme. Although interest rates have increased recently which will impact the overseas Pakistanis ONLY, but they are offset by the appreciation of USD and in future too it will mostly be the case where interest rate rises in Pakistan — the USD will appreciate and vice versa. So until you pay in foreign currency, it won’t impact you that much. Moreover, the KIBOR + 1.5% PA is a good deal as otherwise banks could have ripped you off, but now you know what you are going to pay for as its transparent.

The only caveat is the requirement for resident family member in Pakistan — which can give cold feet to some of the applicants applying for Roshan Apna Ghar.

For resident Pakistanis with fixed interest rates for first 5 years (for around 7%) — there is no reason for anyone to not to apply for it. It simply baffles me for people who are renting right now without family property for their ignorance.

There are some conditions in both the cases of residents and overseas Pakistanis for applying for the mortgage but if you don’t own a property as of now in Pakistan as a family and earning a near decent income — you simply are missing out from a life time opportunity.

Keep hustling :-)

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