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ChatGPT API Becomes a Tech Assistant

Chatgpt has become so popular that it took 2 days to reach 1 million users and Chatgpt took two months to reach 100 million users. Chatgpt did this faster than any other platform by a wide margin.

OpenAI released the Chatgpt API on March 1 2023. This allowed companies like Snapchat, Shopify, and Instacart to use the Chatgpt API for the specific needs of the customer. The Chatgpt API allows limitless possibilities for different ways a chatbot can be used. [one example for later]

Recently I have been in the market for a graphics card for my computer and I had specific needs for the graphics card. I wanted it to be able to perform good FPS in AAA games and be able to train deep neural networks in a matter of minutes and of course fit within my budget. Researching for the graphics cards I wanted was hard because I couldn’t just type into google exactly what I wanted because I wouldn’t get answers specific to my question. So I went to chatgpt and it gave me a few examples and when I asked for the pros and cons of each I had clearer vision of what I wanted to get. If I wanted to recreate this experience I would have to go in person to my local canada computers and ask one of the employees this same question and they might not even have the knowledge to provide me with the necessary details. But with Chatgpt I can do this in seconds and within the comfort of my living room.

The way I have decided to structure my program is I have a website that I have made from Flask which has a main page that has a search bar and a button to click to send your question from the search bar to the chatgpt api and then reciveve an answer back. Below is the code for my home page that has the Chatgpt API working.

On a practie run I asked the api what is a good Nvidia graphics card under 500 dollars and it did say that is was an AI language model which I tried to get rid of but couldn’t.

In conclusion the Chatgpt API can be used as a tech assistant which is convient in order to get accurate advice for you specific needs you would need to go in person to a tech store and ask you quesitions, which isn’t convient. When I created a test website for a tech assistant using the Chatpgt API I asked it for good nvidia gpus under 500 dollars, the response was very accurate recommending a RTX-3060, and more which are under 500 dollars USD. This shows that the Chaptgpt API can be used as a tech assistant and can possibly be used for a variety of things in the future.

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