I Love You Then

I thought I forgot you But now that I am feeling blue I think of you And I unexpectedly am better. “I Love You Then” is published by Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣.


In the woods

where nobody judges me

Every morning I hear the lives,
hummingbirds, geese, and rustling leaves.
Also I smell the lives,
pine trees, gardenias, and dew-wet grass.

Nature never judges us,
gender, colour, background, criminal history.
Here it doesn’t care who you are, it doesn’t matter you or me.

Every day I touch the lives,
spiders, trees trunk, my veggies and flowers.
We make compost with the rubbish of the kitchen.

When I touch the earth perfectly decomposed,
it’s so warm and soft that you want to be feeling forever.
This planet is alive and circulating.
And then, I think,
I will be a part of this, soon, or someday.

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