Something New Chapter 1

I felt all dried up. Finished. Which was really stupid. I’m only 58, I have a long way to go. Yes, I’m older, but there are plenty of older vibrant folks out there. That’s when I met Dave. I wasn’t…


Do You Feel Alive And Happy In The Morning?

Use the reset button to wake up fresh and happy

A lot of young people today do not feel like waking up in the morning. Quite contrary to feeling fresh and alive they feel tired and stiff in the morning? They just do not feel like getting up because their muscles feel stiff and the body feels tired.

Such people use the excuse of I am not a morning person. Oh, I sleep late at night or my whole body is stiff.

This can also happen when a person does not exercise at all or is aging. There may be a muscle injury, or the person may be diabetic or going through a heart problem. Some of the other ailments may be a stroke, multiple sclerosis, depression, fibromyalgia, or just fatigue.

Many years ago I had the same kind of stiffness as I was doing my Ph.D. and my children were school-going and young and certain changes in my lifestyle brought a lot of change in my life.

The changes I made in my life have now become part of my life and I have been able to help a lot of people's lives.

Many of my students remember me because I used to relieve them of their stress by teaching them simple methods to remove stiffness and tiredness, especially during exams.

The latest one I would like to narrate.

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