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The subject of gender has dominated the zeitgeist over the past few years, in large part due to the spectrum of opinions it reveals. Men, women, cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, gender…


Do You Think Followers Matter Here

First of all, what is their role supposed to be?

Do not enquire or ponder positively about the need for ‘followers' except for a true follower. Numbers do not matter, since most Medium followers are not realistic, influence matters.

Think of who might be willing to read your next article, is it a bot or a human?


It’s tough to tell whether someone who is standing behind you and your writing stands for the truth or not. Do you realize their behaviors? Some of them are ghost followers indeed.

I think we find each other, right?

Not far from the truth. Often, they find us. Sometimes, we find them. For example;- you being discoverable either on social media or Medium publications.

I wrote a comment on another writer’s article. A different writer applauded it and decided to hit my follow button. They passed the test.

There are two types of followers;- a follower who reads your work and that who won’t read at all. In fact, there are three.

There is also a one-time reading follower. Both the onetime reading follower and the non-reading follower have reasons why they read once or don’t read your work at all.

There is also that follower who triggers you to follow them, and once you do so, they are sure of having to follow them and unfollow you.

Sometimes, it’s because they want to keep their follow count low. Like I do have about 4k followers and about 1.9k followers.

I hope you will not think am one of them.👐

Some people buy social followers yet it’s clear they lie to themselves. Authenticity can be defined as;- having interest-based accounts for a given platform. Those accounts generate organic traffic and not bot traffic.

One thing, they do not enjoy your niche. However, they followed you regardless of the topic that you write about for they know, you might follow them back. To your surprise, they will afford to spend their…

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