Multiple rename files on MACOS

Multiple rename files on MACOS. Working on Big Data we need more than a simple rename file and hacking on this I found out how do it with many files in command line..


Shelfie Collections

Combined Prompt — Shelfies and Collections

Photo, K.Barrett, author

I shared some of my “shelves” in this story in response to a prompt about spring reading.

I was recently on a month-long vacation, working from the road. I had some of those same books with me. They traveled in a bag but were also displayed on my borrowed bedroom/office shelf. So, it would be fair to say that one of my collections is books. It would also be fair to say that I am a borderline hoarder or successful collector of many things. I prefer the title successful collector, it sounds much better to me. Thanks.

My grandma started my sister and I along as well as each of my cousins with a collection when we were young. Our collections were thimbles, butterflies, small covered dishes, pencil sharpeners, ducks, and my collections was bells. I had a couple of hundred bells. They are now in boxes at my mom’s house.

My mom and I both collect blue glass.

Part of my travel was to my grandma’s house. She collects many things as well. Amethyst is one of the things she collects. This is one of about seven shelves that hold her purple treasures.

Photo, K.Barrett, author

My mom is a collector of many things too. She has small collections, large collections, collections, collections, collections. She has a shelf on a shelf that is in the shape of a…

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