Mais uma vez

Eu a observo enquanto vai embora, mais uma vez. Deixava rastros de fumaça do cigarro que fumava. Deixava também rastros do seu perfume de flor de cerejeira que me causava fortes dores de cabeça…


A DataOps Dominant Design Emerges

451’s view of the market resembles an ecosystem snapshot that DataKitchen published in late 2017 — shown below. You can see a robust and thriving set of players in orchestration, deployment, testing and model management. While DataOps adoption will continue to grow over the next 2–5 years, we already see the emergence of a dominant feature set that will enable companies to reap the transformational benefits of DataOps: agility, data quality, and analytics innovation.

A dominant design — a set of product capabiities — is rising from the DataOps ecosystem

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