When my mother lay dying

When my mother lay dying, I should have sung to her the Lullaby her mother Sang to her — and later to me.. “When my mother lay dying” is published by DrJohnDiamond.com in Literally Literary.


5 Tips to Increase Online Orders

COVID-19 has completely changed how customers view trips to their favorite restaurants. Introducing new concerns about safety, health and social distance, 2020 has been the year of off-premise ordering solutions. From delivery to takeout and curbside services, restaurants of all kinds have let online ordering save their business.

Even after the viral threat eventually passes, these new mindsets have irrevocably changed the future of the industry landscape. Off-premise ordering is a still-growing trend; restaurateurs need to increase the amount of online orders they receive and streamline the process for maximum profit and guest satisfaction.

It can be daunting to take on such a big task alone. eatOS technology solutions together with website optimization will bring your restaurant unprecedented success with modern consumers.

First impressions matter. Create a website design that’s modern, simple but eye-catching enough to draw visitors’ attention toward your online ordering landing page. The menu, too, needs to be clear and descriptive, without frills. Self-ordering improves order accuracy and average ticket sizes, so it’s important to encourage this with clear language and appealing descriptors.

When it comes to takeout and delivery, responsiveness is key. Customers want a fast process and you both want an accurate one, which depends on the functionality of your system. It needs to be optimized to work on computers, tablets and phones — all common tech these days. Speaking of how important it is to functionalize your company website…

eatOS doesn’t only optimize the menu on your end; we make it better for your visitors’ use too. With easy customization and automatic upselling prompts, guests get exactly what they want including sides and modifications that add up to, on average, bigger ticket sizes. Personalization also fosters greater customer satisfaction which encourages them to return again and again.

The speed and convenience of eatOS is supplemented by customer profiles that store order history so they can quickly come back for their favorite dish, making you the obvious place to click when they’re hungry and want to order dinner ASAP. This also allows you to track their individual history and preferences so you can create targeted marketing campaigns that specifically appeal to your core base.

Part of the reason restaurants hesitate to focus so heavily on off-premise ordering systems is because they rely on the natural upselling capabilities granted by face-to-face interactions. With COVID-19 too big of a threat for dine-in services though, restaurants are learning how to rely on pictures to fill in some of the gaps.

Everything should connect back to your socials so guests can check our your information, chat with a representative or ask any questions. Connect with them, your competitors, and influencers and experts in the industry to stay in-the-know about trends and new technologies for restaurants.

Online ordering is forever an integral part of food service, and eatOS is here to bring your business into the future of online ordering solutions.

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