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Why Klarna card and Google Pay make me so happy

This day 4 months ago, I arrived in Germany and in Europe for the first time. As a foreigner, who had no financial exposure to the continent before, I would like to share with you a bit of my experience with financial services in Germany.

Before I jumped right into the topic stated in the title, I think some initial context could explain my happiness at the end of this article 😅. So within my first days after my arrival in Germany, one of the top priority task was to open a German bank account. Why it is in my priority list?

Unfortunately, opening a bank account was not easy as it sounds. I have two options:

The digital bank that I received the most recommendation and also what have in mind was N26. However, they required a document that I did not have at the moment — the Residence permit, not the visa alone.

So I went for traditional bank and trust me, it was just as hard and time-consuming as me getting the visa to Germany. Long story short, it took me roughly 2 weeks to have a workable bank account (that can start receiving funds) and another 2 weeks to get my account and my debit card all set up so that I can do online banking or pay in-store. And why waiting for another 2 weeks? Because all of the credentials, PIN came in mail post.

Ok, now I go into the focused topic Klarna card & Google Pay.

Once I have my bank account, I decided to look around for some options that can allow me to make payment online/offline easily.

Besides, Klarna App allows me to open a virtual Visa card right away and of course, FREE of charge.

And after my virtual card was ready (I think the next day after I registered from Klarna), I can link the card immediately to Google Pay application on my phone and pay in-store right away. So I basically covered this last use case: pay cashless in the supermarket 😁.

This all happened 2 weeks before my debit card from the traditional bank was ready to use and without I ever left my room or touched the physical Klarna card. Plus, it is all free and super convenient. You pay everything with your phone.

After all the time waiting for the bank account, the seamless and fast experience with Klarna virtual card and Google Pay makes me feel at least living in 2020 and feel equipped for my daily life in Germany. I understand also the happiness as a user when a small experience is beyond expectation, like I had not known before that Klarna virtual card can link super nicely with Google Pay 😌.

PS. I registered for a physical Klarna card (also free), which came in a week and was wrapped in a super cool package.

Payment product can be this creative and fun!

Thank you for reading. Looking forward to hear comments or feedback to us!

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