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Singularity University Global Summit 2018

By now you should be familiar with Singularity University, right? It’s a global community that uses exponential technologies to meet the world’s greatest challenges. In addition to the academic training programs they have a line of events (summits) where they bring to life the latest innovations every year, and show how these technologies are being used to radically change entire industries and positively impact the world. We already mentioned them when we talked about the future of work with John Hagel.

The biggest of all is the Global Summit, which is hosted in the US and brings together world leaders in futurism, exponential technologies and disruptive innovation, allowing us to anticipate the great changes that will occur in the near future and learn to generate positive changes in the world. In addition, it’s a meeting point for the whole SU community, its global network of innovators and leaders with global consciousness.

Recently they’ve uploaded the videos from this year’s Global Summit (2018) and there are amazing topics, from ethics in Artificial Intelligence to augmented and automated humans. Here you can find some very interesting talks, different what we are used to see.

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