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Why Should It Be Done My Way?

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Is that the way things should be?

Are you quick to assume someone should do something a certain way? Your way, that is! Do you judge others too quickly without realizing what you are doing? It happens to most of us more often than we care to admit. Making an incorrect assumption and inappropriately judging someone’s actions can happen to anyone.

Full disclaimer — I happen to know Jane quite well, and I am using her script in this article with her permission! Since she is also my better half, she happily gave me this permission, although I could have taken for granted that she would. I could have thought she SHOULD let me use it, which could have resulted in a wrong assumption, which is what this article is about!

Let me share a good part of her script here. If you prefer to watch and listen rather than read, you can catch the YouTube video on her channel at:

Following is a section of her script for the video verbatim.

Beginning of script — It happens every day, this tug-of-war I play in my mind with my husband, Bill. The battlefront? Our powder room. The battle? Who opens the miniblinds every morning. It’s a dark room with no direct sunlight, so everyone knows you should open the blinds the first thing every day. It’s not a matter of privacy but common sense. Bill is always the first one up, and for the first three years we lived in our house, he never once opened those blinds. Every morning I would walk into the powder room, sigh as loudly as I could and almost sprain my wrist as I twisted the wand to open those blinds.

Do you feel me? If it’s not the blinds, what is it? The dishes stacked the wrong way in the dishwasher? How the towels are folded? The wrong sweater put on your child? The best route to Costco? The right discipline when your teenage son breaks curfew?

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