The Hybrid Cloud in Industrial Environments.

I remember that I always liked to mix the meals, especially those that combined savory, sweet, and even slightly spicy flavors. I do not have to say, that I became addicted to Chinese food and in…


5 Opportunities You Need to Harness before 5 Disasters Strike

And it is He (Allah) Who has made you generations coming after generations, replacing each other on the earth. And He has raised you in ranks, some above others that He may try you in that which He has bestowed on you. Surely your Lord is Swift in retribution, and certainly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. — Qur’an 6[Al-An’aam]:165

The life of this world is transient, and this is the reason why Allah described it as a deceitful enjoyment. Our time in here is limited, but the hereafter is a place of reward — everlasting bliss or endless doom. For this reason, Islam gives a blueprint on how to live life to the fullest from birth to death. The Qur’an contains several injunctions and prohibitions to live a peaceful life in order to meet Allah pleased with you in the afterlife. The sunnah in addendum contains words, actions, and approvals of the Messenger of Allah. The combination of both is what leads to supreme success.

Allah created life and death in order to test us and see who will put forth good deeds. All through our lives, the opportunity opens up to harness the immense reward. This was well depicted by the Prophet (PBUH) in an authentic narration thus:

Let’s look at this beautiful admonition in bits:

Spend today in Allah’s cause before a day your riches will not avail you.

4. Your Free-time before the Busy time: Shayk Abdullah ibn Azzam in his book ‘A Message to Every Youth’ said: “If you are too stingy to give Allah your time now, then the coming times will prove you to be even stingier than now”. Islam strongly encourages us to make the best use of our time and to spend much of it in the remembrance of Allah. We should utilise the time we have available to do as much good as we can, because before we know it, this time will have passed. Do not while away your time seeking frivolities and things of no benefit. Procrastination is one evil that deceives most people. They keep having incessant hopes and this leads to waste of time. Before you know it, the time is gone and time once lost can never be replenished. Make good use of it while the clock tickles.

5. Your Lifetime before Death: I often remember this saying that the dead tells no story. It reminds me of how I lost a colleague and friend in a fatal road accident. The brother was an upright young man, everyone had nothing to say of him but good. He served as a leader in the Muslim Students’ Society until the reality of death met him unexpectedly. We have no excuse; no second chance; no time to right the wrong except while we breathe. The life we live is a test and this is reflective from all phases mentioned above. Allah is putting us through trials with all of this; until the death which we fear catches up with us. Then shall we see the reality without a doubt. So what are you preparing for the meeting with your Lord? We ask Allah (SWT) to make us one of those who realizes this admonition as a blessing and utilize it maximally in doing deeds that will please Him Alone.

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