A first impression of Rust from the perspective of a Go developer

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What is art? It might be words

Ready for a wake up? // a poem

What is art? It might be words

at least I hope

Writers make art out of worlds out of words

Sharp black lines stamp and shout

and whorl, whorling worlds of words

their way across the page, obliterating space as they march left to right

The words go marching

two by two, hurrah hurrah

Making meaning, mesmerizing messages, little black ants

Like the ones that chase the sugar in the kitchen

or the water in the drain, little black spots that scatter

When you wash your hands in the cold dark

middle of the night bathroom trips

When you wake with numb hands

numb brain

Grasping for dreams already half-forgotten

whorling worlds of words

Not really yet ready for waking, but can you ever be


for a wake up?

get up,

time’s up.

Is this art?

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