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Learn How To Deploy Angular app on Github

As you are reading this post then you might become exciting to know about how very easily you can deploy ur angular application over Github. so before you move forward I’m assuming that you might have Github account already and must have the basic knowledge of angular application at least you done the angular setup on your machine.

So we will go step by step by assuming you right now don’t have any kind of project ready yet so we will start from the beginning of project creation.

To create a new workspace and initial starter app:

Open cmd and Run the CLI command ng new and provide the name my-app, as shown here

once it's done run the application by

and it will open your browser directly with default template as shown below

the basic template of an angular application

So we successfully did the application creation part 😃

Create a new repository on GitHub.

Create a new repository with any name

Once you click on create repository button you will see the command to push your local project into GitHub and To avoid errors, do not initialize the new repository with README, license, or gitignore files.

so we finally push our newly created project on Github 😃

Add angular-cli-ghpages to your project by entering the following command on cmd.

once all installation is getting complete next you have to build the app by the following command.

In my case, it could be

lastly, enter the below commands which creates a new branch called gh-pages and pushes the compiled code to the branch.

so we also upload the build over a Github.

Once we did that thing also then you ready to see your beautiful website over Github now you navigate to the URL to see the project running, it might take a few minutes for the app to become live. 😇

hope you get it how very easily you will deploy your project over Github. if you have any queries then you can comment out also I will happy to respond to your query.

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