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The Most Daunting Part About Gaining Confidence

You may have to put yourself in vulnerable situations

Confidence is a skill like any other that anyone can learn. Some people may appear more self-confident than others and this can be a component of their personality.

But confidence can also be learned and improved in all facets of our lives.

Confidence tends to come through experience. We can feel our confidence rise and fall, depending on the activity.

For example, you may feel confident playing a game of basketball after years of playing the sport. But then when you try skiing for the first time, you feel your confidence is at rock bottom.

Levels of confidence are influenced by practice, skill acquisition, and learning from mistakes.

The toughest part about gaining confidence in certain aspects of life is the willingness to put ourselves out there and look like a fool.

We need to be comfortable being vulnerable, which is paradoxical in itself. We tend to fight against putting ourselves out there. It is a protective mechanism put in place to stop us from looking like a complete tit in public.

But if we are aware of this, we can fight, but this time against this protective urge. We should embrace stepping into the lion's den. Make mistakes freely and learn from them. Pick yourself up and go again.

On the other side of these embarrassing moments is often growth. And as your level of competence increases, so will your confidence.

The notion that some people are confident while others just don't have it is misleading.

Although some people may have personalities that exhibit self-confidence more readily, those without this can still become confident in all areas they desire.

They just need to be comfortable in being vulnerable and making a bit of a fool of themselves first.

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