Could a Mouse or Rat Infestation in Your Home Pose Health Risks? Pavel Rombakh Weighs In

Eek! A mouse! When a furry rodent finds its way into your home, there are plenty of reasons to get pest control on the case or set some traps. Rats or mice can eat your food, damage your home , chew…


Playing God on a Winter Afternoon

Today I sat by the glistening pool,
snuggled in the bosom of a warm winter sun
that made my world feel like spring.

The breeze’s velvety hands,
tender on my face,
pulled my lips into a smile.

I watched a couple of balls
float aimlessly on the water’s surface,
subject to the wind’s every whim.

A wasp drifted by,
a spider, and a bug,
sailing on a nomadic voyage.

I worried the wasp would awaken
after I assumed it was dead,
just as the spider began wriggling

its furry black legs when I was certain
it had drowned
in the blue, chlorinated sea.

Apparently they were all still alive,
helpless as the floating balls
being tugged by the wind here and there.

I noticed the diminutive bug repeatedly
trying to mount another tiny insect,
presumably dead as it didn’t resist

the advances. The bug spun around again and again,
a paddler struggling to set himself
upright on a twirling kayak.

I contemplated starting
a ripple in the water
to push the insect away from the long-suffering bug

Not to put him out of his misery
but because I thought it would render
my afternoon a little more interesting.

But I decided to take pity,
though not enough to fish the pathetic critters
out and set them flying

once again in the free air.
I sat a while longer, pleasantly watched
the peaceful dance of the floating balls.

Then the ants started marching by, appearing
from nowhere, as they always do
when the weather warms up.

One of them strode a bit too close for comfort
so I squashed his tiny red body
with the heel of my shoe

And I leisurely resumed
these frivolous observations,
perched on my throne by the pool

Until a big, fat, and fuzzy black bee
chased me back into my house,
rendering me mortal once more.

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