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Explore Software Defined Radio — by Wolfram Donat (25 / 30)

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Don’t be too frustrated or disappointed if it doesn’t work well the first time. Check the satellite pass list and prepare for the next pass, which may come anywhere from two to twelve hours later. It becomes easier to recognize the signal each time you see it, and when you know what you’re looking for, it becomes easier to tune to it as well. You’ll get better each time you try it, and you may end up with some truly stunning results. You may consider switching satellites as well; you may have different results on a different frequency, and since the orbital parameters differ, you may not have to wait that long for the next pass of a different satellite. It didn’t take me long to know exactly what I was looking for, signal-wise, and I started watching for it like a hawk when the pass time got close. If you’re like me, you’ll definitely experience a thrill as the signal starts to coalesce, and it’s pretty darn cool when WXtoImg kicks on and you start to see an image slowly appear.

👈 Software | TOC | Try This 👉

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