Week Two Art Journal Challenge Bullet Journal

Since I have been reading much more this year, I decided to go with “Books to Read” on the right. I listed my all time favorite books on the left. Since I am a podcast junkie, I decided to list my…


These Story Ideas Could Make You a Famous Writer

But please do not steal them from me

This week the words got stuck in my head. I didn’t manage to publish a single line except for a haiku straight from the sky. Thank you, Japanese. I have a hard time liking your food, but you made me a poet.

When I think that I could have written many stories that are in the pipeline and waiting to make me a rich and famous writer, I despair. But when it doesn’t come, it doesn’t come. What a hell of a life.

I will put the titles here for you to help me set priorities. I will not pay you a cent if I am successful, but you will have my eternal gratitude.

This is already huge.

Please forgive me for the lack of inspiration that resulted in this story. I disclaim any responsibility if you become a successful writer with any of these ideas. Thanks for your help.

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