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06 January 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem Prompt: what’s missing

Poetic Prose

Chimes are ringing along with their oscillations, the ship’s hull
seizes its skeletons and yanks it towards the cerulean waters without a frontier, thinking that maybe you’ll come back from the lighthouse where you’ve left the only engravements I souvenir in a caustic chest

it rains and snows but the weather dulls with the emotive sentiments that plead the heart to burgeon out, the empty scrolls becomes mechanical in the stagnant ripples, flickering lights, and your locutions are embellished over the ornamental yellow paper, coffee-stained

paraselene moon, moonlight, lighthouse, the ghastly scents wafting into the abode of the defaced circulation and corroded alchemy books, there is an abandoned vessel and heart over the tongue, the steer rustles and dances in the melancholic strain of the breezing synchronization

the halos on my head have smashed onto the ground and grown horns, recently they realize it’s not a what is missing but a who, obscure navigation of the mist and fogged glass, skies have cleared away the perimeters to allow space for only the wandering spirit, lone wolf

i crave the touch, your touch, resting on the bowsprit of my hair and forearm, t-shirts have gone parched without your dew, the attic disgorges the sepia tone and retains the polaroid film

although i recollect only tinges of your fingertip like a mere fraction of the acreage, the thought of two bothers me past the curling waves, memories are beckoned into the water.

Thanks for reading, I LOVEEEE prose! Tried to attempt writing it J.D style but gave up 2 seconds in. Not skilled enough hahahahaha. * not crying *

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