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What Made You The Sexual Madonna You Are Today?

We all have turning point(s) in our lives that make us the sexual person we are now… what were yours?

This is my favourite story in the world. And it’s 100% true. A very good friend of mine grew up in Arizona and when she was 18 years old and going to college, she had just moved out of her family’s home and was renting a small basement apartment. Her landlords were a middle-aged couple living in the rest of the house. She got the know the couple reasonably well, over evening drinks and hanging out at their pool. So, one afternoon, as my girlfriend was getting home from school, her landlady had just finished a swim and was showering in the outdoor shower on the side of the house. The landlady motioned her over and ... not to go into the graphic details… they got naked, made out, and were eventually joined by her husband for a shower threesome.

Over the course of the year she lived there, the three of them had sex regularly. They reduced her rent and kind of adopted her as their sexual companion. She said it never felt coercive or weird; just a fun, casual indulgence. For her, it was the discovery of her bisexuality and the unlocking of her sexual nature, both of which are absolutely core to her being now. And it was that moment in the outdoor shower — when she decided to follow her landlady’s invitation into the shower — that unlocked it for her.

I’m sure we all have those moments that define us sexually. Some/most are probably not as dramatic as being a downstairs lover for your landlords, but we all have had sexual incidents that were significant, and help to define us.

For me, there were two such moments. And they took me in such totally different directions. The first was when I was 17. I was still a virgin. My closest friend was a gorgeous girl named Sarah. Her dad was a bartender and her mom was not in the picture, so we spent countless evenings hanging out alone at her place. And while there was definitely an attraction, nothing ever happened.

Sometime in the middle of summer, we decided to go away for the weekend. We told each of our parents that we were going to visits the other’s grandparents, but we had really booked a hotel room at a nice little beachside resort…

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