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When the World Looked Bleak I Danced

Finding joy in the darkness is the cusp of a new beginning.

It was the Autumn of 2020 and during the peak of the pandemic. I remember feeling solace in my solitude. Serenity in my sonic sanctuary. The Covid-19 cases were rising again and we all were just trying to adapt to this new normal. It was this new world we had been thrust into whether we were ready or not. We had been thrown into the deep end and had to learn to swim in this pool of uncertainty.

We all found out what we were made of during these trying times. Me, I had been prepared for this kind of isolation because I had experienced this during my separation and divorce. I was alone and I had to face myself and my thoughts. So many people stay busy to avoid these moments of stillness.

Sometimes it takes going through chaos to get to clarity. Throughout my life music has played a big part in my love, joy, inspiration, introspection, and reflection. Music has been the soundtrack of my life that highlights my most indelible moments. I’ll never forget August to September 2020 when I discovered the music of the Houston trio Khruangbin.

I remember listening to some music on YouTube on my TV while scrolling on my phone. I was sitting there relaxing and I here this psychedelic, funky, melodic, and ethereal music playing. I looked up and then I couldn’t look away. I was captivated. When the music stops me from what I’m doing it’s usually a monumental moment. There are other times I felt this feeling.

When I heard L.L. recite on my radio for the first time, Seeing Michael Jackson perform Billie Jean, Listening to Kanye West’s first album, and the first time I heard Nirvana. Some music just evokes a deeper emotion and gives you that where were you the first time you heard it kind of feeling. I’m a music lover that always gravitates to instrumentation first.

The instruments move me. I love 3 piece bands because the musicians have their own space to shine. You can hear the drums, you can hear the bass and you can hear the guitar equally. Khruangbin is an instrumental band with minimal vocals so the musicianship has to shine.

Oh, how it did too. As the world was falling apart I recall being at my mundane night job listening…

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