How I got a great animated gif for My YouTube Channel.

Hey so I am a YouTuber and I was in a hunt for a animated Gif for my intro. I had heard that fiverr is a great place to get gig and so my hunt began. I searched a lot and I am a low-budget youtuber…


On Announcements

Super Jump Podcast: Season 3, Episode 26

How do you feel about video game announcements? Are they exciting? Do you find yourself getting wrapped up in the marketing material for projects you don’t plan to ever actually engage with? We do. Well, sometimes. It depends on the format. That’s kind of the point of this episode. Mitchell and Wyatt are in it and stuff. You know the drill.

All that and more on this week’s Super Jump Podcast!

If you only want to hear this episode without dealing with a pesky podcatcher, that can be done here:

In our third season, we’re exploring a wide variety of gaming topics on the Super Jump Podcast, with the fun, enthusiasm, and positivity that we apply to the magazine itself. We really hope you enjoy the show as we continue into our third season — please take the opportunity to rate us on iTunes too, as it will really give us a boost.

Thanks for listening, and stay super!

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