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Can mastering cold calls make you a better brand designer?

Just recently I started doing cold calls in order to get more and higher paying clients and I have to say that it has been a really interesting experience so far. At first, I was nervous and afraid of diving into a conversation just like that, but after learning from some great mentors and reading some very interesting articles on that topic, I started growing into this useful and challenging activity. Honestly, it will really change you in many positive ways.

Pretty quick I realized what a cold call is all about. And by gaining more insight, a connection between the creation of a brand and the sales call process was made in my mind — a realization which only made me want to make these calls more often.

Before I dive into what I have to say, let me just quickly tell you this: none of this is based on scientific research or facts. It’s just a thought that I wanted to share with you.

His method teaches you how to build and maintain trust and certainty throughout a sales call by using tonality as a means of effective presentation. By asking your qualifying questions, you then find out, if the prospect is the right fit for your company and you can proceed toward closing the deal by transforming his objections into certainties and building rapport.

Here’s the deal — cold calling is all about transferring emotions. It is about finding the right voice and capturing the potential clients' imagination in order to make a connection which ultimately leads to a conversion. This works by building rapport and presenting your product or service in a strategic manner.

In its essence, a cold call works the same way a brand does. Everything starts off with injecting your vision into the potential buyer. Jordan Belfort (the wolf of wall street) preaches this fact a lot and I recommend you check him out if you didn’t do so yet. By qualifying the prospect, you will find out, if both parties will go along well together.

By being enthusiastic and true about your message, and above all by maintaining consistency throughout the communication, you will build certainty and trust. Most prospects will have objections. These aren’t reasons not to buy, but rather uncertainties, which stand in their way of decision-making. You overcome these by painting a mental image in their head, which shows them a better future that involves having used your product or service.

Now, how can this make you a better brand designer? I want to put it like this. You’ll learn a powerful new approach of gathering intelligence (this is the term Jordan Belfort uses for qualifying), which will help you understand a wider range of target audiences. This idea not only works for the business owners amongst you designers. I believe this is something you can apply to all areas of your life.

Mastering the art of persuasion and using it in order to achieve positive results will make your life overall better. Just in these two weeks that I have been cold calling, I felt that my confidence levels have risen to yet unknown heights.

Back to what I actually wanted to share with you here. I was looking for ways to improve the strategic part of branding in my business. While studying the art of cold calling and digging deeper into brand strategy, I noticed, how establishing this connection would help me. Applied to a real-life case, I was able to dig deeper into my clients' needs. The information I managed to extract seemed so much more valuable and therefore also more helpful.

It feels like you become more aware and empathetic when diving into the research part of the branding process. You will learn a new way to ask questions — the right questions! This is especially useful when researching the target audience since you really want to be communicating with those who actually care and want to connect with your brand.

On top of that, I’d say it also helps in applying the gathered information on to the branding experience more effectively. Just by getting a better sense of how to maintain clear communication throughout a call, you should be able to generate new ideas of delivering a consistent brand message. At least to me, it feels that way.

Generally, I think that every new skill will help you to gain a new perspective on other parts of your life, both work and personal life. Let me summarize in which ways mastering cold calls could benefit you when researching and building a brand. You’ll

I must say, it really feels good to share this thought with you. How does it sound to you? Does it make sense? Even if in the end this does not have any effect on you on how you design a brand, it will most definitely help you grow your client base and improve yourself on a personal level. So go ahead, pick up the phone and learn something new! And in case you don’t feel like it yet, here’s some motivation.

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