The thing about feeling deeply, about Being An empathetic sort, Is that grief visits daily. Like a good friend or A neighbour Who pops by on their way through And then I end up feeling silly, because…


Reinvent Yourself to Have a More Successful Life

When you evolve as a person you live a more fulfilling life.

The other day something finally happened. Someone left me a private note asking why I sign my articles off as Lucy 4.0?

I confess I have been waiting for this question!

I joined Medium in March. For over nine months no one has commented on the moniker I append to my articles. I have felt concerned. Are people reading to the end of my articles?

My read ratio is between 35–50% so I am not too worried. The thing is on Twitter I use a similar moniker, “Lucy 3.0” and people often ask about it. Whereas here on Medium it’s been — crickets…

Medium is home to the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers and storytellers. The people using this platform do not need to have everything spelled out to them. Yet, I hope you will indulge me with this pop quiz.

Question: I sign off my articles as Lucy 4.0 because…?

A) I’m an iterative person
B) I’m an Internet geek
C) It’s a joke
D) All of the above

Note: You can find the correct answer by scrolling to the end of the article ;-)

My moniker originated as a joke. It’s a pun on Web 2.0 (the social web) that I debuted on Twitter over ten years ago. A year later I upgraded to Lucy 3.0 on Twitter.

On Medium, I have evolved to Lucy 4.0 — it’s an exciting new stage!

Reinventing oneself is a sign of maturity. It’s about putting yourself out there and taking measured risks.

For today’s generation expectations are fluid. Everything is changing and there are no templates for how to live

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