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An Act of Malice

I saw him swallow hard as the video showed me in the throes of a powerful orgasm

At first when I was called into the office of our department head and shown the video that had been uploaded to the company intranet, I was paralysed by shock and fear. Who would do such a thing? It was clear from the atmosphere in the room that he believed that I was the one who uploaded the file. It took me a moment to get my head around what he was implying, but when I did, anger took over.

“You seriously think that I would upload such a video anywhere, let alone to the company server?”

“You can’t deny that you are the star of the show, Adele. Who else would have access to such…footage?”

Bob had gone a deep crimson in colour. I was unsure whether that was due to emotion or a reaction to the content that was still playing silently on his laptop. My own cheeks were flaming with indignation and humiliation. I had no idea who was behind the camera, but I did know that the video was not taken with my permission.

“I don’t know who filmed or uploaded this, but both happened without my knowledge or consent. You can bet that when I find out who did this, I will be bringing charges against them!”

Bob’s eyes wandered again to the screen and I saw him swallow hard as the video showed me in the throes of a powerful orgasm as one man had his fingers inside me and another pumped ropes of thick semen across my neck. All faces except mine were pixelated, but I remembered that evening clearly and shut the lid of the laptop — I had no desire for Bob to witness the arousal the images threatened to awaken.

The snap of the lid closing brought Bob back to the present.

“Be that as it may Adele, I am going to have to suspend you pending an investigation.”

“Excuse me?” My tenuous hold on my anger slipped at his words. “You can’t suspend me over something that happened outside of work between consenting adults!”

“Until I find out who uploaded the video, I have no choice. IT took it down as soon as it was flagged, but I can’t say how many people saw it - at least one member of the board did.”

I was physically shaking with a rage so intense that I didn’t trust myself to speak. I stalked out of his office, leaving the door and his mouth open in my wake. I grabbed my coat and bag and left the building without saying a word to anyone.

A few days later, I had to sign for a missive on company letterhead advising me that while they acknowledged that the video was not uploaded by me, the content and my ‘starring’ role had tarnished my reputation within the company, making my continued employment ‘untenable’. My line manager would clear my desk and deliver my personal belongings at a time convenient to me.

“How fucking dare they!” I raged at my empty kitchen.

The urge to tear the letter to shreds or throw my untouched mug of tea at the wall was strong. I balled my hands into fists and banged them on the counter in frustration instead, crumpling the offending paper in the process.

Once the red mist had faded somewhat, logic came to the fore. There was no way in hell I would take this lying down! My first task was to find out who was responsible for the inexcusable breach of my privacy. I approached Martin and Jenny, the hosts of the party, to see if they would share the guest-list with me. When I explained why I needed it, they were equally as shocked and enraged as I had been and were therefore only too eager to help.

“If you do take this down a legal route, we would be happy to go on record, as long as the remainder of our guests were ensured their privacy.”

“Of course, and thank you. I intend to take the company to tribunal and bring charges against whoever filmed and shared the video.”

“You have our backing on that, Adele. We’re so sorry this happened to you.”

Martin handed me a business card alongside a piece of paper with the names from the previous week’s party.

“Get in touch with Caroline, she is a good friend and lawyer, specialising in employment law. She will fight the cause for you.”

The guest list gave me no immediate answers or insight, but Caroline was simply amazing. She was completely unfazed by the circumstances that led to my dismissal, aside from her vehement expressions of disgust that I had been punished for being victim to an act of what she termed ‘Revenge Porn’. Using her clout as my legal representative, she acquired a copy of the video file and asked if she could watch it with me, to get my perspective on the events as they happened.

As we watched, memories came flooding back.

The modestly proportioned semi-detached house had been full to bursting point that evening. As a single, bisexual female (the unicorn of the swinging world), my presence at these types of parties was always sought after. Yet I have always been very selective about which invitations I accept, usually opting for the more intimate settings of ‘playdates’ where I have the undivided attention of one person and they mine for a few hours. Now and then, however, a well-organised orgy is good fun.

Martin and Jenny have been friends for years and I have added to the spice of their relationship on more than one occasion. When they invited me to their house party, I eagerly accepted, assuming that they would be discerning about the guest list. The bedrooms were kept locked and open play was encouraged to stay in the large lounge.

It didn’t take long for the atmosphere to get sexy and chat was often interspersed with enquiring hands and casual breaks to indulge in sexual activity with more intent.

I was enjoying the oral attention of a curvaceous lady when I noticed we had attracted a few spectators. This was not unusual and as her fingers found that sweet spot inside me, I was incapable of caring about anything beyond the intense pleasure and tightening in my womb as she built me to a crescendo.

Shortly after I recovered from my orgasmic high, it was suggested that I return the favour. Once I was settled on my knees between her thighs and feasting on the arousal stirred by her ministrations to me, I felt enquiring hands stroking my arse — which was admittedly high in the air and swaying in a subconscious plea for attention. I widened my stance on my knees in a clear invitation to the owner of those hands, and moaned as a finger stroked along my folds, back and forth, bumping my already swollen clit.

This is where the video began. It was clear from the angle that the cameraman was close by and holding the camera at hip-level, as if concealing his actions. The man who had been playing with my slit could now be seen rolling a prophylactic over his erection before positioning himself behind me.

I vividly remembered the moment he entered me. He was my first man of the evening and so I felt him stretch me in that satisfying way that only initial penetration can. The lady between whose legs I was poised felt my moan of enjoyment reverberate through her, as my lips happened to be clamped around her clit at the time. He took his time, slowly pushing forward until he was fully inside me — the video showed that he was well endowed — something I had felt at the time. As I watched him take long, slow strokes in and out of my cunt on the screen, my body remembered how good he had felt and I could not stop my nipples from tightening and a flood of wet arousal began to trickle down below. I hoped Caroline did not notice.

After a moment to adjust and enjoy the new sensation, the video showed me resuming my attentions on my original playmate until her cries drowned out my moans on the soundtrack. Sated, she slipped away and a man took her place. With more enthusiasm and less show than a porn star, the digital version of me began to suck the cock in front of her face. His hands in my hair guided my speed and depth until I pulled off him with a moan that indicated the beginnings of my orgasm. The man behind me had picked up the speed and vigour of his strokes, triggering my release and building his own.

His rhythm sputtered shortly after that and he grabbed my hips as he grunted his completion. A lady, clearly recognisable to me as Jenny, took his place wielding a curved vibrator. My cries became louder and more guttural as the g-spot stimulator pulled several gushing orgasms from me and the man who’s cock I had been sucking reached under my body with one hand to play with my breasts, while his other hand stroked my hair soothingly.

“Are you okay, Adele?”

I turned and gave Caroline a smile. “Yes, it’s just that I have never watched myself back on video before — I always veto recording of any kind — and this is…well, frankly Caroline, it is bringing back very pleasant memories and feelings.”

Caroline chuckled with a shake of her head. “I can well imagine. I have to say that this is way more entertaining than most of the mainstream porn out there.” She paused and I could see her mentally berating herself for the slip. “Forgive me, Adele. That was unprofessional, I can only apologise.”

I laughed reassuringly, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. Besides, you’re right — this is so much better than ‘real’ porn.”

On the screen, I was now being turned onto my back and I remembered being greeted by the sight of several men stroking their cocks languidly as they waited, hoping to be invited to join in. I had wondered briefly when this turned into a me-themed gangbang. As a mouth closed on my nipple apparently I had stopped thinking, resting my hand on his head.

Up until this point, I had been facing away from the camera, so the pixilation of faces had been nothing more than a footnote. Now my face was in full-frame and, in stark contrast to all around me, also in sharp focus. Caroline paused the video showing three men and one woman besides myself.

“See here? This is important in your case against the person filming. They have clearly taken some trouble to keep the camera secret which screams ‘premeditated’, and then to track and distort the faces of every single person in the footage, whether passing through shot or actively involved — easy enough with facial recognition software — but leaving you in focus makes the act a little bit more complicated and the intent much more deliberate.”

Hearing it laid out coldly like that stamped on my arousal like a heavy boot squashing an ant. Who would have gone to such trouble? I find that I couldn’t think of anyone in the workplace I could have possibly upset to such an extent.

As if reading my thoughts, Caroline spoke up, “The person behind the camera is Dylan Miller from the IT department of your former employer. It was easy to discern using the attendees list you gave me and after doing a few background checks. Do you know him?”

I shook my head. “I never really had much contact with IT beyond remote access onto my computer when I had problems. I can’t say the name rings a bell, sorry.”

Before I could spend too long racking my brains on who the mystery person was, Caroline had pulled up his LinkedIn account. The photo showed a thirty-something man with cropped mousy brown hair. He was completely unremarkable; neither handsome, nor ugly — what a writer might term ‘homely’. He appeared to be of average build, but his profile picture was a head-shot, so it was impossible to tell his true stature. It took a moment for the pieces to slot into place, then the realisation dawned on me.

“His name is Dylan? Jeez, okay. I think I know what this is about.”

I took a deep breath and began to relate what had happened at the company Christmas party last December. I had been sat at the table after the meal, chatting with some female colleagues. We were all a few glasses of red to the good. Dylan had approached the table and asked if he could get me a drink. I had simply smiled and indicated the bottle and a half of Merlot on the table, but thanked him anyway.

A little later, when the disco was in full swing, he returned and asked me to dance, which I once more politely declined — I’m not much of a dancer and was enjoying the company and conversation too much to want to leave it.

“Perhaps he felt smited? Embarrassed to be rebuffed in front of colleagues? That honestly wasn’t my intention. Hell, I was having so much fun with the girls, that I doubt Richard Armitage could have tempted me away that evening!”

Caroline laughed “Wow! You must have been having fun! I would follow that man into a burning building if he asked! But yes, I would say that is likely the case.” She paused, for a moment, thinking. “However, Mr. Miller has also lost his job as a result of his actions in uploading pornographic content to the company server. We need to move quickly if you want to bring charges against him — it is possible he will, or already has, uploaded the footage to a public platform. Under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, uploading or otherwise sharing explicit content without the permission of the person or persons featured is a criminal offence termed ‘Revenge Pornography’, and he could face up to two years in prison. If you want the files seized and removed from the public domain, I’m afraid that is the route we need to take.”

The weeks and months that followed were a bit of a whirlwind. Dylan was fully cooperative with the authorities once he realised the seriousness of what he had done, which resulted in him receiving a suspended sentence.

My former employer offered to settle out of court for the unfair dismissal case and I admit that I was tempted to accept the pay-out and move on. It was Caroline who persuaded me otherwise.

“Think what message it sends if you do that.” She had explained. “It implies that you are ashamed of who you are, and that you did something wrong, somehow. You have nothing of which to be ashamed. Your actions were legal and took place between consenting adults in the privacy of someone’s home. It is of no concern to your employer how you spend your time outside work unless it encroaches upon your ability to carry out your job, or it results in a professional conflict of interests. It is time that the corporate world woke up to the fact that sex is as valid a form of recreation as swimming or playing golf.”

As businesses are wont to do in these situations, the original settlement figure was increased, driven by the belief that I was holding out for more money, coupled with the potential for a scandal if this went to court and made it into the press. Once they realised that they couldn’t buy my silence, the gloves came off. Former colleagues warned me of rumours that they would be throwing all sorts of personal accusations at me in court.

Caroline was a calm and steady presence throughout. She assured me that she was prepared for them to fight dirty and simply advised me to keep my reactions calm and my responses brief, honest and not to let them make me feel ashamed of who I was.

Every accusation that was laid at my feet regarding bringing the company into disrepute was calmly rebuked by Caroline with an enquiry as to whether my actions had been illegal, carried out on company premises or on company time and finally, whether I was responsible for the revelation of such activities that happened in my own time. Each and every enquiry was answered in the negative under oath and every time they tried to justify why it was relevant to my dismissal, they were questioned as to how I had breached my contract of employment. They were repeatedly forced to admit that I hadn’t.

The court ruling in my favour was no great surprise. I think the company had known from the start how this would pan out and had simply sought to shame me into backing down. The damages awarded by the court were substantial; and the resulting bad press alongside calls for corporations to have less power over their employees’ free-time forced changes in upper management and several members of the board to resign. A few weeks later, I felt a pang of guilt when I read in business news that they had been bought out by a Blue-Chip organisation. However, my guilt was assuaged when former colleagues with whom I was still in touch with were both relieved and enthusiastic about the move.

“A wind of change is coming.” One of them effused when we went out for drinks. “This new company is very big on non-discrimination in the workplace and the importance of work-life balance. Peter has actually started talking openly about his boyfriend and how they plan to marry. He would never have felt comfortable doing that before!”

I admit that I miss the quiet efficiency of my job in sales administration, but this whole debacle has shown me that there is still a lot of work needed to change societal attitudes. The cause for LGBTQ+ rights is well represented and their long-awaited acceptance well underway. It was the right time to promote the acceptance of non-monogamous relationships and ideals.

To this end, I have invested a large chunk of my settlement money into a new business venture with Caroline. Between us we are taking on corporate discrimination of non-monogamous persons and working towards publicising the need for acceptance and working to diminish the stigma associated with sexual promiscuity.

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