Government Shutdown

During a government shutdown, all functionality of federal governments cease until a new funding legislation is put into law after it passes Congress and is signed by the President (Committee). Every…


Do You Have 2020 Vision For the New Year?

clarifies purpose.

gives hope.

removes the obstacle of discouragement.

My mission for the rest of my life is to

The subject of family engagement is one that is extremely popular within some educational circles. Many families and teachers as well as community stakeholders consider it to be important because of the positive outcomes that result for students when their parents are engaged in their child’s learning. However, other educational initiatives tend to be prioritized more robustly in other schools. Greater emphasis tends to be placed upon programs and activities that result in more immediate and tangible outcomes that will improve instructional delivery, create safer school environments, increase student performance data, and integrate technology, among many other trends in education.

The playing field is inequitable and unequal in many school districts as it relates to developing and sustaining quality district wide family engagement programs. Smaller school systems, especially those that desperately need to increase the amount of parents who partner with educators may be too under resourced to do so. Conversely, larger schools and districts are more likely to have the capacity to maintain strong parent initiatives and programs. Other factors that create inconsistencies in this area include the reality that some learning environments have historically enjoyed extremely actively levels of family engagement while others suffer with dreadfully little or no engagement.

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