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Lenovo X1 Carbon ThinkPad

A review of a great Windows laptop from a Mac user perspective.

Since the days of IBM ThinkPad’s, I always saw these laptops as business-only oriented. The design always felt boring with it’s plain, boxy, bulky aesthetics that only came in a dark gray or black color. It was the corporate America machine, and unless you were in some kind of profession in a cubicle farm setting, you didn’t want a ThinkPad.

Over the years, though, this has changed substantially. You still see ThinkPads as the go-to devices for business because of the robustness and power that they provide — let-alone all the external ports you need, especially in companies that use Microsoft in all areas of their software, including both development or infrastructure.

I feel not only has Lenovo kept the ThinkPad alive and prospering but has made it desirable to the mainstream. The X1 Carbon is a fantastic machine to work on. I have been using it over a week now and feel it is one of the best Windows laptops I have ever used — to be honest, I haven’t used that many.

Though I have little experience in using a variety of different Windows laptops, I do use a Dell Inspiron for work every day and have to say that this ThinkPad blows it out of the water in many ways. Not only is it refreshing to have a Windows laptop without all of the bloatware pre-installed, but Windows 10 shines on this machine and think it adds to the refinement that I feel Lenovo brings in one of their top of the line notebook.

Just to preface before going in too deep on the X1 Carbon ThinkPad. I am approaching this review as an avid Apple user who has been out of the Windows Laptop world for awhile. I know that this specific model is the 7th generation model, so it has similarities to the models before it, I also know that Lenovo makes other ThinkPads as well.

My point in this review is not to talk about this model and comparing it to its previous models or other specific Windows models on the market. Instead, I am reviewing the laptop for what it is right now in comparison to my MacBook Pro or as any high-end laptop that someone might be looking at as a primary computer.

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