Goodnight My Lady

Gavin did not make it every Friday to the after-work outing, but he started making it enough that Nichy missed him when he did not. She sat with Renee and Tyler in the booth. Renee grinned, Tyler’s…


The Truth

Old Journal Entry Part 1

May 6th, 2017

Everyone seeks it, yet very few have the strength, intelligence, or courage to accept it and understand it.

The truth can set you free, but it can also cause you suffering. You gain more knowledge and wisdom but may also lose your peace of mind. But if you are dedicated to finding the truth, you must accept the possibility of this happening. Because to gain something, you must give up something in return.

But what exactly is “the truth”? Is it something that affects us all differently, or does it have a simultaneous effect that connects us? Whatever it may be, the worst thing to do with the truth is either ignore it or twist it into something it’s not.

If you do, the suffering that follows will be swift and cruel.

So when seeking the truth, proceed with caution.

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