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Just Turn On The Lights

We outgrow things. Clothes, habits, and even ideas. Like the other day, I was thinking about what to write next. Then life happened. Our overall experience in life and in simpler terms, our age, most decides when we outgrow things. But sometimes, we need to get rid of stuff that doesn’t contribute to our own growth.

My friends often remark when they see my books and a closet full of old books from school, which aren’t on the shelves and ask, “Why the hell do you still have these books? You should give them away!” They went through my room and assessed that my happiness is based on how many books I have. One even concluded that I don’t go out enough because I have books as friends instead of human beings. He, on the other hand, had a clean simple home with a lot of furniture and saw this as a sign of a ‘real adult’s place’. Maybe, he is right.

In a way, both he and I had our share of things that we clung to that was not needed. Sometimes, we tend to cling to superficial things. We define life through the clutter in our life. We may seek permanence at any cost. We may amass stuff as comfort and even want souvenirs every day. I used to be like that. But then, I took out the things that didn’t contribute to my betterment and cleared out the clutter.

It’s good not to be static but to keep changing. The highlight of our life is that we can change the way we approach life for the better. That we can turn on the light instead of sitting in a dark room handling onto things that don’t help us progress.

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