Chimes are ringing along with their oscillations, the ship’s hull seizes its skeletons and yanks it towards the cerulean waters without a frontier, thinking that maybe you’ll come back from the…



Water a force of nature

I am the still lapping of the serene lake.

I am the inevitable flow of the waterfall.

I am the bubbling spring trickling down the slope,

The puddle of crisp rainwater

The cool kisses of summer rain

on your cheek.

And yet-

Amidst the frozen days of water.

I am the fertile black swamp,

Filled with life,

And also death,

And decay,

And rot.

I am a black endless infinite pool

in the moonlight.

I am a warm safe grotto you can shelter in.

I am the surging water beating down your levees,

Washing away your dunes,

Your dams,

You delusions of control.

But you can’t handle that part of me.

A fountain easily turned off when convenient,

A pond to be admired and tended

When you find the time,

I may sometimes be the bathwater,

Warm and designed to suit your needs.

the flood

the deluge

I must destroy what is no longer true

What is no longer needed

And you

Make me vile and evil for that

Too powerful to be controlled

Because I make things difficult

And uncomfortable

And disrupted.

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