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Allocation changes

Weekly update — 24 November 2020

Roller skates don’t mean you can cross the road with your eyes closed.

Flows dictated the recent surge in equities — fundamentals, valuations, and even viruses take a backseat. We believe that liquidity that was sitting on the sidelines due to US elections played out along with positive vaccine news that pushed indices to all-time highs.

India received $4.5 bn (off the above $6.4 bn) in equity flows from foreign investors in two weeks — a monthly-high, when we have another two weeks to go.

Earlier in the week, the IMF chief warned governments on premature withdrawal of economic support. Despite this, the US government decided not to extend many emergency lending facilities set up by the Federal Reserve (at the start of the pandemic). With limited fiscal stimulus and political consensus issues, there is a risk to global economic activity. But, as usual, we could see central banks do the heavy lifting.

Uncertainties are down, but valuations are soaring. We are even noticing a modest pickup in economic activity across India.

Surge in spending

Earnings across NIFTY companies is still down ~20%. The recent enthusiasm is the result of a clearer path to FY22 or FY23 earnings, but the latent risks to reach those earnings remain. We could see this trend continue till a year-end rebalance across global portfolios — this event could bring down the valuation gap. But, until then, we are not going to allocate unless we see a pickup in earnings or a fall in equity markets. Fixed income and gold allocations continue.

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